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Through the Avid Advisor program clients have access to deeply experienced homebuilding professionals who will assist in identifying opportunities to improve the customer experience. The goal of the program is to help our clients achieve measured growth in their overall customer satisfaction ratings within one year of working with one of our Avid Advisors.

Advisor Role
Our Avid Advisor team will collaborate closely with you to develop a holistic view of your organization. After a comprehensive review of Avid GoSurveyTM results, Advisors will identify ways to improve operational efficiencies and create highly-individualized strategies to optimize company performance and productivity. Our goal is to help our clients improve competitive advantage by arming them with knowledge and tools to help maximize the customer experience, and provide professional support for you and your customers along the way.
Program Benefits
The Avid Advisor program provides a full suite of benefits and services to help improve the customer experience for your clients.


A deeper analysis of gaps in company performance in meeting the expectations of customers, as identified in Avid reports


Consultative guidance from experienced homebuilding professionals who have encountered and addressed those gaps throughout their careers


Proven solutions to performance gaps and managing the customer experience


Support where needed, including on-site visits, to ensure successful implementation of recommended changes


Results in measurable and promotable improvements and higher ratings for Avid clients